DBL X-POSURE Consists of identical twins Adrian & Anthony Johnson.

DBL X-POSURE are very talented individuals who have the magnificent ability not only to rap but to also write their own songs, compose their own music with quality producers.  They choreograph their own dance routines & work alongside videographers to help create innovative performances.

They are rappers that also have their own unique euphonious, melodic flow.

Their music style is Pop, Rap which enables them to stream commercially worldwide.


DBL X-POSURE Consists of identical twins Adrian & Anthony Johnson.

Growing up in South-East London, as young boys they had a natural love for dance & music.

Old musical films, those of which include Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, also pop stars like Michael Jackson & JODECI, mainly inspired them.

Studying their movements carefully the brothers were able to pick parts of the dance choreography and incorporate movements of their own.

Adrian and Anthony attended Archbishop Tenison’s Secondary School, where they met their musical, drama teacher Mr Melvin.

He worked with the boys during and after school hours developing their dancing, singing, and acting skills. They later held extravagant production in school, which were a success and a refreshing change to anything that was ever done before in school. They received several certificates for their outstanding achievements and were later presented with a Golden Award, which they received from Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the school governors.

The boys were also successful outside of school, achieving first place in numerous talent competitions. They appeared on television programmes which they gained through attending Sylvia Young Theatre School during weekends.

Their first major break came in after being spotted in one of their many talent competitions they were asked to perform alongside UK R&B artists on their UK tour.

This gave the boys extensive exposure and great opportunities to gain further work & experience on the road.

They danced for many British artists including Bizzi, Martine Girault, Celetia & Leee John (Imagination)

They began performing their own songs while working with American soul singer Martine Girault. While doing this they continued with their dancing and started performing in clubs like Sound Republic, MTV Lick Parties and Trevor Nelson Rhythm Nation Tours.